Targeted attacks on humanitarian and health Workers

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that at least 712,800 people have been internally displaced by violence in the Southern Cameroons while at least 66,000 have fled to Nigeria. According to OCHA, 1.15 million people are currently severely food insecure. A significant increase in targeted attacks on humanitarian workers over the past year has further restricted the delivery of vital aid. Approximately 30 percent of health facilities are unable to operate due to insecurity. The banning of doctors without borders in the Southern Cameroons makes the situation even worse,

Atrocities by Government forces

Civilians in the Southern Cameroons continue to face atrocity crimes due to widespread violence between government forces and Ambazonian Restoration forces.

The targeting of individuals based upon their cultural identity by French Cameroon forces poses a direct threat to Southern Cameroonians and amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Cameroon government continues to deny the severity of the current crisis and has failed to address the root causes of the conflict in Southern Cameroons or provide a political means for resolving it.

The government of Cameroon has failed to uphold its responsibility to protect and the International Communitity must step in now to end the armed conflict