Ambazonian International Policy Commission - AIPC

Who we are

The Ambazonian International Policy Commission (AIPC) is an international non-governmental organisation based in Ofterdingen, Germany, which advocates for the rights of the people of the Southern Cameroons – including their right to self-determination. The AIPC was created in November 2017 in the wake of violent crackdown on peaceful protests in the Southern Cameroons by armed forces of the Republic of Cameroon. This bloody assault on the peaceful civilian population of the Southern Cameroons, which has continued to this day, marks the climax of over 60 years of illegal occupation, systematic subjugation, and economic exploitation of the people of this former United Nations Trust Territory. The AIPC seeks to rally local and international support for a negotiated settlement of this conflict.

Vision Statement

To facilitate the establishment of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in the Southern Cameroons.

Mission Statement

To work with partners to lobby local and international stakeholders, including governments and multilateral organisations.

What AIPC does

  • Gather information and report on the ongoing war in the Southern Cameroons to international stakeholders.
  • Research on and propose ideas for a peaceful resolution of the war.
  • Advocate for the rights of the people of the Southern Cameroons.
  • Build consensus among the people of the Southern Cameroons.
  • Campaign for increased international commitment to end the war.

How AIPC works

  • We have adopted a multidisciplinary approach to tackling issues, levering the skills and experiences of our diverse members and partners.
  • This necessitates collaboration and teamwork.
  • In our efforts to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing war, we seek consensus with the primary stakeholders who are the people of the Southern Cameroons.