In an open letter to the US President Joe Biden, dated 27 April, 2023, a united front of Southern Cameroonian groups including the AIPC has issued an Urgent Call to End the Atrocities and Human Rights Violations in the Cameroons and reminded the US Administration of the Non-Compliance of the Republic of Cameroun with the eligibility requirements of section 104 of the AGOA.

See the full document here.

AIPC welcomes the Canadian Government’s Statement on peace process in Cameroon. AIPC commends the efforts of the Canadian Government in bringing representatives of both conflict parties together to work towards reaching a “comprehensive, peaceful and political resolution of the conflict”.
AIPC supports all efforts that will tackle the root causes of the conflict between the former United Nations Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) and the Republic of Cameroon.

AIPC expects that the Republic of Cameroon must:

  1. Demilitarize the Southern Cameroons.
  2. Free all persons it has incarcerated as a result of this conflict.
  3. Respect its borders at independence.
  4. Pull out all its appointed officials from the Southern Cameroons.

The signed mandate & commitment to a comprehensive peace process between the government of the republic of Cameron and movements representing the UN Trust territory of former British Southern Cameroons.

Press Release on Omicron Virus

AIPC condems misleading portrayal of Africans by some sections of the International media in their reporting on Omicron variant of COVID-19 Virus

Toronto Leadership Retreat

AIPC participated at the high-level Leaderhip retreat of Southern Cameroons leaders and stakehilders organised by Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN) in Toronto Canada, from the October 29, 2021 to November 1, 2021.

The following declaration were arrived at: